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Asus EEE Tips for Novices, Games, Tweaking and More

If you own an Asus Eee PC running Linux Xandros you may need a few tips optimizing the system, adding tweaks or installing games. The following How-to articles can help and they are easy enough for novices to follow. I can't say the Asus makes the best gaming UMPC but for most people it wasn't purchased for that purpose anyway. Games for the Asus Eee are a perk.

How to Add Games to the Asus Eee PC

Perhaps you need to optimize your Asus first to include to get it to run at 900mz rather than the pre-set 630. As it is designed to run at 900mz this is not considered over-clocking, albeit heed the warnings before making changes to your system. Currently, it appears Windows XP users have more success though I've found these steps to work fine when I'm running an external monitor.

Other tweaks are included, such as how to change the position of the SHIFT key, run Synaptic and more.

How to Optimize the Asus EEE PC


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